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An Advanced Guide to Making Wooden Gifts for Characters: Part B

by Wooden Smile 12 Jun 2024

This Blog will continue to teach carving wooden gifts for figures. In the last Part A we covered the first four steps, which we are sure you have already mastered, and this one will go from step five to the completion of the piece.

An Advanced Guide to Making Wooden Gifts for Characters: Part A

Step 5: Shaping the whole

Tools to prepare: cut-resistant gloves, carving knife

Take a square of wood and sharpen it into a generalized human figure. This step is more abstract, but do not rush, please let us carve in order:

  1. Head
  2. Torso
  3. Legs
  4. Shoes

Shape them one by one in the above order, taking into account the whole. This is a boring but important process, please also keep patience, I believe you will make progress and satisfaction after this process.

 Overall shaping of the character's wooden gift

Step 6: Carve the details

Tools needed: gloves, carving knife, art knife, triangular knife

At this step, the character wooden gift effect has come out, carving will be more and more interesting, very test of patience.

Please change to a smaller knife, carving details. Focus on the intricate parts, the hair, the satchel, the shoes and so on. Finally, use a small triangular knife to make decorative lines, structural lines, etc.

Detailed engraving of the character's wooden gift

Engraving decorative lines for character wooden gifts

Step 7: Sanding and packing

Tools needed: hobby knife, sandpaper block, brush, sandpaper (500 to 2000 grit)

We recommend using a sandpaper block (180 grit) and then sanding the skin of the wooden gift with 1000 grit sandpaper. At the same time, use a hobby knife to cut off the wooden pitchforks and a brush to clean up the dust.

Sandpapering character wooden gifts

Character Wooden Gift Polished

Step 8: Color

Tools needed: water-based paint, round tip/flat tip pen, outlining pen

We recommend water-based paint, which is slightly more expensive but better than acrylics.

You need to keep the warm and cool tones and colors stable; add black or white occasionally. If color mixing is a challenge for you, we recommend getting you more water-based paint in different colors and with more color accuracy.

Spray color sequence for character wood gifts

Step 9: Varnish for preservation

Tools needed: woodcarving varnish, water, flat-tip pen

It is normal for the varnish to bluish on darker colors. Please use a small amount of varnish several times to avoid piling up. Finally, let it dry and finish. 


So far a lifelike character wooden gift is completed, we believe that you have gone through a long carving process at this time must be very sense of accomplishment, quickly give it to your beloved ones!

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