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What are wooden figurines?

There are in fact two types of wooden figures and they are significantly different.

One type is made of wood that has a smooth surface and remains unpainted in color, and is constructed from multiple pieces of wood that are pieced together, with some wood figurines having movable joints. These wood figures can be mass-produced by machines, so their styles are usually fixed and rarely customized for the customer.

The other type is carved from a single piece of wood, with the edges left by the carving knife intentionally preserved, and can be hand-painted, often referred to as wood carving figurines. Although these figurines do not have movable joints, each one is a one-of-a-kind piece, and can only be handmade by the carver, not by a machine. Wooden figurines sold by Wooden Smile are of this type and are suitable for decorative placement in living spaces, as well as special gifts for holiday occasions and celebrations.

Which wooden figures are most popular?

For Wooden Smile's hand-carved wood figurines, the most popular are the cat, bear and bunny series.

Who are wooden figurines for?

Wooden figures are for people who like fun and uniquely shaped decorations. They are great for collecting and enjoying in your living space, such as on a bookshelf, at your desk, by a windowsill or as a car decoration. Hand-carved wooden figures are also suitable as gifts for friends and family for holidays, anniversaries, graduation days and other occasions.

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