About us

Wooden Smile is a newly established online store in 2024, before that we operated a wooden gift store for many years, now we are placing our uniquely creative and artisanal wood carvings online for the enjoyment of a wider audience.

We are steadfast in using only high-quality natural wood as our main production material, including basswood and balsa. Each wooden gift is 100% hand-carved and painted by our studio carvers. We offer not just wood carvings, but a range of creative masterpieces in different forms and uniqueness.

The story behind Wooden Smile comes from a red painted smiley face with innocent eyes and a cheerful smile. The owner of Wooden Smile used to be a business analyst in the internet industry, suffering from moderate depression and anxiety due to the over-intensity of his work and the depressing atmosphere of the company. During his recuperation after quitting his job, he got hooked on hand carving. As a novice carver he made a wooden smiley face by hand for the first time and sprayed it with a bright red color. The moment this humble piece was finished, perhaps because red lifts the spirit, or perhaps because the piece was so comical, he instantly felt inspired and passionate about life. Today, the smiley face in red graffiti is the image of Wooden Smile, and we want so much for people to be able to discover their passions in life and stay happy. 

Wooden Smile's studio has four skilled carvers who create wooden gifts for offline gift stores and online stores. In addition, we have a knack for identifying and discovering talented designers, and we work closely with them to bring their full passion and creativity to each piece of art. Our sculptors translate their innermost desires into tangible art, using their sculpting tools to accomplish it with a single stroke. 

So, whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift, something to add to your life, or a charming life partner, we warmly invite you to explore the magical world of Wooden Smile.

Here, our goal is to put a smile on your face every day!