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Hand-Carved Crocodile Figurine Wooden Gifts

by Wooden Smile 28 Jun 2024

Hello everyone, this blog is about Crocodile Figurine Wooden Gifts. It's a cute sprawling crocodile with big eyes, suitable as a desk ornament to keep you company while you're working, or on a shelf to accent your home in a log style. This post will be a simple step-by-step guide to making a wooden crocodile figurine, suitable for wood carvers who already have a basic knowledge of wood carving. If you are a beginner in wood carving, you can also take inspiration from this post.

Hand-Carved Crocodile Figurine Wooden Gifts

Step 1: Draw a draft of the crocodile figurine on a block of wood.

Usually, basswood is chosen as the raw material for wooden gifts, a rectangular block of wood is most suitable. First draw the front view (body) and top view (back) of the crocodile on the block, and finally sketch the head and tail of the crocodile briefly in the shortest two sides of the block.

Wooden Gifts with Crocodile Figurines Step 1: Drawing Sketches

Step 2: Cut out the wooden crocodile figurine.

In this step, start with the front view (body) and cut out the crocodile shape along the contour lines, taking care to leave some distance. The bumps on the back need to be left a little further apart, as this step is just a rough cut and we need to leave more wood for carving out the details.

Crocodile Figurine Wooden Gifts Step 2: Cutting Out the Prototype

Step 3: Cutting according to the outline lines in the top view.

The main purpose of this step is to cut out the head, the tail and the four feet of the crocodile. The head of the crocodile can be marked by drawing four equal circles to mark the distance and to ensure that the head is the right size.

Wooden Gifts for Crocodile Figurines Step 3: Cutting in Top View

Step 4: Finish cutting all sides.

This step involves cutting all six sides of the block according to the draft, using a small wood carving knife as the main tool rather than a saw for narrow areas.

Crocodile Figurine Wooden Gift Step 4: Finish Cutting All Sides

Step 5: Draw the mouth of the crocodile.

To finalize the crocodile figurine, paint the mouth with a paintbrush, or you can choose to spray the entire body with water-based paint.

Crocodile Figurine Wooden Gift Step 5: Draw the crocodile's mouth with a paintbrush


This blog only briefly describes the process of making a wooden crocodile to provide reference and ideas for experienced wood carving and sculpting enthusiasts. The crocodile is a bit difficult to make and is not suitable for beginners because of its complex and raised drafts on six sides, even drawing auxiliary lines for reference is still a big challenge for wood carving beginners. Do you like our wooden gifts in this share? Give it to your friends who love log style ornaments after you finish making it, we are sure they will love this idea.

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