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Discover Your Favorite Handmade Animal Keychain Wooden Gifts!

by Wooden Smile 26 Jun 2024

In this blog we introduce you to original styled handmade wooden gifts, the dorky, cute, and goofy looking styling is really loved by all!

Animal Keychain Wooden Gifts featured image showing all keychains.

This is our years of experience in carving miniature wooden figurines on the keychain, using natural basswood and environmental dyes hand-carved and sprayed, each will be the final punch, combined with high-quality hardware made of durable wooden keychain, more texture than metal or resin keychain.

Side view of four animal keychain wooden gifts lined up in a row, not yet punched.

You can choose any animal shaped wooden keychains with gold, silver, black key rings or new leather accessories in our store! Very suitable as a wooden gift for your friends, wear it anywhere, handbag, backpack, keys, etc. It weighs less than 100g and won't put any weight burden on your bag.

Wooden gifts of cat, rabbit and dog keychains are displayed on a tablecloth.

Rabbit keychain modeling cute and well-behaved, exquisite shape with light hand-painted pattern, artistic sense! Each one brings warm wood tone and wood carving texture; our wood carvers use mature wood carving technology to portray the little animals' demeanor and expression are super cute.

Close-up view of a white rabbit keychain wooden gift

These are cat keychains inspired by domesticated cats, including Ragdolls, Siamese and Orange cats. We carve them into tiny bodies and portray the cats' lofty demeanor in a spiritually healing way, making each little animal wooden gift unique.

Close-up view of a wooden gift for a ragdoll cat.

Close-up view of the orange cat keychain wooden gift

Close-up view of the Siamese cat keychain wooden gifts

We have more cute handmade animal keychains, all of which are great choices for wooden gifts for your friends. Of course, you can also pick up a favorite shaped keychain for yourself to embellish your handbag or keys. If you like our designs, you can place an order in our store's Wooden Keychains collection.

Close-up view of the husky keychain wooden gifts

Close-up view of Welsh Corgi Keychain Wooden Gifts

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