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Handmade Wooden Gifts: Adorable Mickey Mouse Figurines

by Wooden Smile 05 Jul 2024

Hello everyone, this post continues to share unique and interesting wooden gifts. This is an adorable wooden figurine that adults will fall in love with as well, not to be missed by Mickey Mouse lovers. We have combined the traditional image of Mickey Mouse with the shape of an egg so that it has a round and short body with facial details that are very reminiscent of the cartoon.

One such Mickey Mouse figurine is hand-carved from basswood, preserving the original wood color, and highlighting the charm of nature's gift. Perhaps you are tired of the texture of many plastic or resin toys, then such a natural wood ornament will surely appeal to you. Place the compact one on the bookshelf, coffee table and other places in your home, which will not take up too much space, but also become an eye-catching small object when guests visit. Bringing it to the office is also a good idea; something handmade is always poured with extra emotion.

Well, let's enjoy and learn the process of making wooden gifts!

Finished Mickey Mouse figurine wooden gift held in hand

Mickey Mouse figurine design and drawing draft.

We use high quality basswood as the raw material for wooden gifts. The shape of this piece is close to an oval, so a square wooden block is the most suitable. We only need to draw the front view of Mickey Mouse, because its facial expression and carving details are all concentrated in the front view, and the other sides only need to be rounded after cutting out the front side. Three vertical auxiliary lines are necessary in this step, on the left, center, and right, which define the width of the Mickey Mouse figurine's body and ensure symmetry between left and right. If you are not confident enough in your drawing skills, you can draw more auxiliary lines on key areas, such as horizontal auxiliary lines to determine the proportions of the oval.

Sketch of a handmade wooden Mickey Mouse figurine

Use a small saw with a carving knife to cut out the shape.

After drawing the draft, we saw its front shape along the outer contour line. Always remember the principle that cutting mistakes can be avoided by leaving more distance between the contour lines, which is about 1 to 2 millimeters. After cutting, you need to use your imagination and sense of space to round out the other sides of the shape to ensure that the overall shape is an oval ball.

Handcrafted Wooden Mickey Mouse Figurine Cutout Shape

Carve out the depth effect and trim the detail lines.

From the side view, Mickey Mouse's ears are much narrower than the body, so you will need to saw off the excess wood as well as making sure that the ears are in the middle of the body, you can redraw auxiliary lines for the side view to help you with the cutting. Also, the same is true when carving its facial details, you need to carve out lines to differentiate the face from the body and create shades.

Handcrafted wooden Mickey Mouse figurine with detailed carving

Handmade wooden Mickey Mouse figurine after carving

Handcrafted Wooden Mickey Mouse Figurine Carved and Displayed on a Table

Rear view of handmade wooden Mickey Mouse figurine

Final sanding.

When we were done with the steps mentioned above, the Mickey Mouse still looked pitted with lots of indentations left from when it was carved for roundness. At this point we used sandpaper to sand the whole thing down, removing as many of the obvious edges as possible, but a few of the indentations were allowed to remain. A final coat of wood oil is applied to protect the figurine from cracking.

Rear view of handmade wooden Mickey Mouse figurine after sanding

The finished effect of the handmade wooden Mickey Mouse figurine


Do you like such hand-carved wooden gifts? Feel the charm of natural wood and creative wood carving! The work infused with your heart and soul will make you love it all the time, long enough to place it in a prominent place as a unique decoration or as a gift for your friends.

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