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Handmade Small Wooden Gifts: Cute Ultraman Keychain

by Wooden Smile 04 Jul 2024

This blog shares cute handmade wooden gifts for kids. They are Ultraman keychains in two poses, sprayed with colors that perfectly recreate the classic image from the anime. If you are a wood carving lover, try to make them, your kids will love this handmade gift, unique and creative, small, and cute and suitable for hanging on the school bag as decoration. As a natural wood keychain, it is very light weight (about 100g). What's more, this is a unique keychain that you can't buy in stores, and if you are very good at drawing and carving, you can customize them for your child in their favorite pose. Quickly let's learn how to make it together!

Designs and sketches of different shapes of Ultraman keychain.

One is a cute Ultraman with his arms open to show his power, and the other pose is the classic crossed arms. Both wooden gifts are made from rectangular basswood blocks, the exact size of which is determined by your preference, either large or small. But whatever the size, we need to draw horizontal and vertical auxiliary lines for the front view drawing to determine the proportions. We need to draw six horizontal auxiliary lines and a vertical center line, here are the locations of the auxiliary lines:

  • The vertical auxiliary line is in the middle of the wooden block.
  • The first horizontal line is located at the top of head (depending on the pose, or the second auxiliary line is located at the top of the head)
  • The second (or third) line is located directly below the eyes.
  • The third (or fourth) line is located at the junction of the head and body.
  • For styles with open arms: the fifth line is located on the abdomen.
  • For crossed arm styles: the fourth line is located directly below the left arm. The fifth line is located on the abdomen.
  • The sixth line is located at the crotch.
Sketches for two different poses of Ultraman wooden gifts

    Cut from the sketch.

    Cut along the outline lines, it is recommended to keep some extra distance (about one to two millimeters). As the piece is a keychain and is small, it is not recommended to use a saw for the whole process but to use a carving knife to slowly cut out the shape.

    Two different poses for cutting of Ultraman wooden gifts

    Rear view of Ultraman wooden gifts

    Sanding and detail engraving of the Ultraman keychain.

    Round off all sides until the originally drawn auxiliary lines are invisible. For the head, eyes, chest light and pants line, you need to use a carving knife to make clear lines of demarcation.

    Ultraman Wooden Gifts After Carving

    Spray the colors and string the key ring on the top.

    It is recommended to use water-based dyes to spray colors, which are environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic. Use a variety of colors to mix and blend light gray, yellow, bright red and blue. The two finished wooden gifts are shown in the picture.

    Finished picture of Ultraman wooden keychain after spraying colors

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