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Junior Figurine Wooden Gifts Engraving Guide

by Wooden Smile 12 Jun 2024

This time, we will teach you how to make wooden gifts in the shape of a human, unlike simple shapes, human carving is much more difficult and requires even carving of multiple surfaces to be considered at the same time. In addition, human hair and clothes are more detailed, posing a greater challenge to the carver. The wooden gift ideas in this blog are vibrant teenage figurines that can be customized to paint its expression and are suitable to be placed on a tabletop or shelf as decoration.

Junior figurine wooden gifts engraving guide

Step 1: Outline Cutting

Use a pencil to draw the outer contour of the wooden gift, then use a jigsaw to remove the excess along the outer contour. This can be done with a jigsaw or a manual jigsaw. After cutting, complete the contour line by referring to the corresponding position of each face without looking for too much detail. After cutting, complete the contours of the other faces.

Drawing draft and cutting process of wooden gifts for junior figurine

Step 2: Cutting large

Look at the front and sides of the figurine with reference and use a large carving knife to make undulations on all parts of the body. Remove the corners from each face and cut from square to round while marking the highest point of each face. Cut out the large undulations of the body and remove the hard edges from the squares of each part.

Junior figurine wooden gift cut out body shape

Junior figurine wooden gift cut body side

Step 3: Block Refinement

After each large face has been trimmed, begin to refine each small piece of the face and subdivide it into smaller faces. Carve each part of the structure in reference to synchronization, do not get caught up in a particular local detail, the whole is most important.

Junior figurine wooden gifts with fine carving

Side view of a finely carved wooden gift for juvenile figures

Step 4: Detail Carving

Character details of the carving of hair accounted for a relatively large proportion, account for the clear hair of the body block trend. Followed by the treatment of clothing, rich in detail to make the overall carving more vivid and durable.

Front view of a detailed engraving of a wooden gift for a junior figure

Side view of a detailed engraving of a wooden gift for a junior figure


As a beginner, in the carving of wooden gifts, you need to observe all sides of the wood block at the same time, but do not be too demanding on the details to the neglect of the whole.

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