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One of the easiest wooden gifts to make: Snowman Bear Figurine

by Wooden Smile 18 Jun 2024

Recently we have published several carving guides for wooden gifts, some of them are very difficult and challenging for beginners. That's why today we are bringing you the easiest guide to carving wooden gifts, because the snowman bear figurine has a very simple appearance and doesn't have as much detail to carve as a character figure. In addition, the idea of a snowman bear is very interesting and perfect to bring to children as a small gift. If you've taken our previous tutorials, it should be easy for you to get started. At the end of the production, you can choose to hand spray paint the snowman bear figure, using white water-based dye to make it look like a real snowman.

Featured image of an easy-to-make snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts

Step 1: Draw the sketch.

The first step is to draw the front view, and for the side view, it is recommended that you simply draw a rough outline. If you are using a saw that is so wide that you can only saw straight lines, then you can saw along the dotted line in the picture and do the same for the side view.

Drawing front and side sketches of a snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts.

Step 2: Cutting Large

Use the saw to saw off the excess in the block, remembering to wear gloves and hold it in place with a bench vise to saw. Saw out the front shape first, the sides can be carved using a carving knife, but you can still use the saw if you feel it is less labor intensive. When the front is sawed draw the side view again and then continue sawing and repeat the process.

Initial cutting of a snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts.

Cutting a snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts with a table vise fixed saw

Wooden Gifts Snowman Bear Figurine after front cutout

Redraw the side view of the Wooden Gifts Snowman Bear Figurine and use a small carving knife to cut the side

Side cutting of a snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts.

Step 3: Refine and paint.

Once the snowman bear figure has taken shape, use a carving knife to refine its details, rounding off any uneven edges to show off the snowman bear's goofy stance. You can choose to keep the original wood color, but you'll still need to paint its eyes and other facial expressions using a fine bristle paintbrush, so we recommend painting it overall, using white water-based paint to make it more like a snowman, and painting the hat and face at the end using a different color, so you can be as imaginative as you want - it can be any color.

Finished front view of a snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts

Finished side view of a snowman bear figurine for wooden gifts


This is one of our most interesting wooden gifts, combining a snowman with a bear whose body part consists of two circles, making it much less difficult to carve and suitable to give as a gift to your child. Sprayed with white paint, it will appear as a 'real' snowman, which can be placed on the windowsill in winter as a snowman that won't melt. If you have any questions about the carving process, you can refer to our previous articles, including the choice of tools, basic carving skills and techniques.

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