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Seven Steps to Make Handmade Little Fox Wooden Gifts

by Wooden Smile 19 Jun 2024

Today we will teach you how to make a cute little fox wooden figure, it only takes seven steps to complete this piece and we make it easy to learn it with obvious auxiliary lines. This wooden fox figure comes in a raw wood color with a smiling expression, and it is small enough to be suitable as a desk or car ornament.

Seven Steps to Learn to Handmade Little Fox Wooden Gifts Featured Image.

Step 1: Draw the lines and set the scale.

Using a square piece of basswood, draw vertical and horizontal lines as auxiliary lines on the block. We will set the scale for three parts of the fox, which is the key to bringing a lifelike feel to all animal shaped wooden gifts.

As shown, the fox's neck is at the center line (1/2) of the entire wood block.

The tips of the fox's ears and jaws are both 1/2 to the left of the center line (equivalent to 1/4 of the entire block).

The root of the fox's tail is 1/2 to the right of the center line (1/4 of the entire block of wood).

Sketch the fox figurine wooden gift on a basswood block and set the scale for it.

Step 2: Cutting Large

According to the line drawing drawn in the previous step, saw off the excess wood along the edge of the line, please note that it needs to be slightly wider than the line by a little distance, to prevent mishandling and causing the whole piece to fail. This step will cut the outline of the wooden fox figurine.

Sawing out the outline of a fox figurine wooden gift

Step 3: Additional line art

The wooden fox figure is symmetrical from left to right, so please draw the supplementary lines on the front side (as shown in the picture) and then the lines in the side view.

  • Front view: the fox's face has a more pointed nose and is triangular.
  • Side view: the position of the neck at the mark.
  • Top view: draw the position of the center line.
  • Rear view: draw the outline of the tail, rump, and feet.
Draw the front and side auxiliary lines of the fox figurine wooden gift
Draw the top view and back view auxiliary lines of the wooden gift of the fox figurine

    Step 4: Sharpen the turning surface.

    Using a saw and a carving knife, build on the lines from the previous step to create a large turning surface where the head meets the body (as shown in the figure). The same goes for the mouth and nose of the face, as well as the tail and rump.

    Sharpen the large turning surface for the Fox Figurine Wooden Gift on the basis of the auxiliary lines from the previous step.

    Cutting large turning surfaces for the tails and faces of the fox figurine wooden gifts.

    Step 5: Add new auxiliary lines to the most prominent parts of the body.

    • Connect the most protruding parts of the body with lines, including the head, belly, and tail.
    • Connect the tail to the most protruding part of the rump (draw a cross).
    • Draw the fox's head more rounded.
    • Mark the location of the ears.
    • Mark where the face and nose protrude.
    Draw lines to connect the head, belly and tail bumps of the fox figurine wood gift.
    Mark the face and tail of the Fox Figurine Wooden Gift with crosshairs.

      Step 6: Round off the most protruding parts of the body.

      Starting with the most protruding line of each part, round off around it.
      • Sharpen the face backward and the nose.
      • Round the neck.
      • Round the belly.
      • Round off the tail.
      Rounding off the most protruding part of the body of a wooden fox figurine
      Round off the belly and tail of the fox figurine wooden gift.

        Step 7: Carve more details.

        • Carve the details of each part of the wooden fox figure.
        • Carve the face details.

        Be sure to round off the fox's buttocks.

        Use a small carving knife to add facial details to the Fox Figurine Wooden Gift.

        Use a small carving knife to add detail to the tail of the Fox Figurine.


        The difficulty of this piece is medium for our wooden gifts, with seven steps you get a handmade cute little fox that you can place anywhere, on a bookshelf, on a table or in your car as decoration (Double Sided Tape required). After step 7, you can choose to hand-paint it or leave it in its original wood color. If you want to color it, we recommend using water-based dyes, please refer to our previous article. Thanks for reading and if you love carving wooden gifts, keep following our blog to share more ideas and tutorials.

        A display of the final product of the fox figurine wooden gifts.

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