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How to Remedy Mistakes When Making Patrick’s Wooden Gifts

by Wooden Smile 19 Jun 2024

Are you a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants? His best friend Patrick has a cute emoji pack. This blog will make the exact same wooden Patrick Star figurine. In addition, common mistakes made by beginners during the process may lead to failure in making wooden gifts, it's okay, we teach you how to avoid these mistakes and successfully remedy the mistakes.

Completed and painted Patrick Star wooden gifts figurine front view

Step 1: Sketch the Patrick Star in the picture on a basswood block.

Draw a sketch on the wood block based on the picture Yes, this is always the first step in making wooden gifts. However, the cutting mistakes in this production were also caused by the first step. When you pick a picture for the front view of the wooden figurine, you can't copy the picture as is for your sketch if it doesn't have enough space reserved for you. Notice how close Patrick's left hand (right side in the picture) is to his body, which means you'll have a hard time cutting and carving in three dimensions. Either you use your imagination and redesign the sketch appropriately, or you'll make a mistake later in the cutout.

Drawing of Patrick Star on wood block for wooden gifts.

Step 2: Cut the excess wood from the Patrick Star wooden figurine.

Generally, cutting begins with the front view, followed by the side view. However, when cutting the front side a problem was found that the sketch drawn in the first step could not be used as the front view. Patrick's left hand was too close to his body, which was a 2D drawing that did not take into account the three-dimensionality, making it impossible to cut.

Cutting the front view of the wooden figurine of Patrick found that the sketch didn't leave enough room for the left hand.

Step 3: Repair the left hand of the wooden Patrick Star figurine by cutting it flat.

When it was realized that there wasn't enough room for the left half of Patrick's body, the choice was made to cut it down first. Then a separate piece of wood was chipped out as the new left hand and glued to the body using glue.

To remedy the blunder, chip the left hand of Patrick's wooden gift.

Step 4: Sanding the Patrick Star Figurine

Since the left hand is glued on, it will leave glue marks and a raised surface. Use sandpaper to sand the whole wood figurine so that the glued-on left hand looks as uniform as possible. However, at this point, traces of glue can still be seen, which is fine, as we will address it in the next steps.

Use glue to adhere the recreated left hand to the body of the Patrick Star wooden gift and sandpaper it.

Step 5: Repair all surface defects by spraying colors.

Using water-based dyes, mix the pink for Patrick's body and the green and purple on the shorts by blending the colors. When you're done, you'll notice that the marks on the sticky left hand have disappeared, and it looks like it was sculpted all at once. If you want the Patrick figurine to look more like the one in the picture, you can mix the colors further to create the deep red color and shadows in the mouth.

Another front view of finished Patrick Star wooden gifts figurine

Rear view of finished Patrick Star wooden gifts figurine

Side view of finished Patrick Star wooden gifts figurine

Bottom view of finished Patrick Star wooden gifts figurine

To summarize

Please enjoy the results of the tinkering! Although you made a mistake in the first step, the final product is still the same delightful Patrick, isn't it? It's not scary for beginners to make common mistakes when making wooden gifts, so please don't get discouraged and find a way to fix it before you give up. The fixes used in this post are gluing plus sanding and using coloring to hide them. If you still find it difficult to make by hand but would like to have a wooden figurine of Patrick, you can place an order in our store, we have other shapes of Patrick in our Spongebob Squarepants collection.

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