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Tips for Beginners Carving Wooden Gifts

by Wooden Smile 11 Jun 2024

In the last blog we talked about how to choose tools for wood carving, this one will guide you through the exact steps and techniques for carving wooden gifts. 


Carving Steps

STEP1: Drawing three views

Need a little bit of drawing skills, if you do not know how to draw you can find a diagram tracing. It is recommended to start practicing from the sphere in the early stage, and everyone should be able to draw a circle. In addition, you need to use a ruler to draw a baseline to ensure that each side is symmetrical.

STEP2: Cut large

Previously mentioned when talking about tools, is to saw off the excess wood, it should be noted that, do not have to cut to the line drawn, you can leave a little distance, easy to repair the shape later.

STEP3: Trimming large

Use Wood Carving Bench Knife to continue to refine the cut out of the large, here you need to carve more practice, accumulation of feeling and experience, will make you carve better.

STEP4: Detail carving

Use Small Cutting Knife to trim the details, depending on what you carve how to refine. Some simple shapes do not need detailing.

STEP5: Sandpaper and Color

Finish sanding the surface and details of the wood carving and coloring with acrylics.

Carving techniques

There are two carving wooden gifts techniques recommended for beginners:

  1. Push inward to sharpen a pencil method
  2. Pushing inward to scoop out an apple

These two methods, as their names imply, can be practiced in the same way you normally sharpen pencils and apples.

To summarize

There's a lot more to be said about how to carve wooden gifts, such as the uses of other carving knives. But as a beginner, these methods are enough. Finally we wish you all the best of luck with your creations!

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