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Unique Wooden Gifts: Hand-Carved Squidward Cartoon Figure

by Wooden Smile 04 Jul 2024

In this post we continue to share interesting wooden gifts for you. This is a popular cartoon character who is SpongeBob's friend Squidward. This is sold in many places, usually in plastic or resin, and we want to bring it into the world of woodworking by handcrafting a wooden figure. We can use our imagination as much as possible and have the freedom to decide the pose and shape of Squidward. This piece is unpainted to bring out the charm of the original wood color, but of course you can also choose to use a light green color to restore the image from the cartoon. Well, let's enjoy the carving process of it.

Drawing a sketch of a wooden figurine of Squidward with arms crossed.

Using a basswood block, the horizontal center line of the front view is located at the chest of Squidward. He is wearing a small undershirt with his arms crossed over his chest, slightly wider out of his body. Draw his slender neck and legs. Note that he has four feet, with the one at the back being higher than the two in front in the front view. His facial expression is the same as in the original cartoon, a look of calm and disdain, with a mouth almost as wide as his head and a nose slightly wider than his neck. Use a pencil for the first sketch, then use a ballpoint pen to thicken the outline lines if you are sure, you won't modify them.

Unique Handmade Wooden Gifts: Squidward's Draft Front View

Cut out the Squidward wooden figurine.

Follow the sketch we just made, keeping more width than the outline lines, and cut out his shape.

Unique Handmade Wooden Gifts: Squidward Cutting

Carve and sand the six sides and enjoy the finished piece!

Squidward's facial details are concave and convex, highlighting the depth of the eyes, nose, and mouth. The same is true for the arms crossed over his chest, carved with distinct lines highlighting both of his arms. His four feet are as symmetrical and equal in size as possible, in the shape of an equal-width cross, which also helps to make him stand and be placed as a decorative object on a tabletop. Let's feel the charm of wooden gifts! A gift from nature, we tend to let it retain its original wood color and can spray it with wood oil to make it long lasting.

Unique handmade wooden gifts: front view of the finished Squidward figure

Unique Handmade Wooden Gifts: Side View of the Finished Squidward Figure

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